Completing his eighth album, "New Day" became a more challenging undertaking than expected. Dave and his wife, Janet, moved from their long-time home in Pennsylvania to Colorado to be closer to their daughter's family. The move separated ties with many musicians who collaborated with Dave on his past albums, and the pandemic interrupted building connections with local Colorado musicians. As a result, his current album represents more of his personal music influence than past works, plus more collaborations involving family and a few internet contacts.

Dave's highly original music, today, can be characterized as having significant use of the piano, traditional use of song structure and lyrics with strong influences of jazz and pop styles. Enveloping these factors is a broad use of modern electronic music techniques and sound design. These contemporary tools are further enhanced by Dave doing his own engineering. His latest album, "New Day," has some fun diversions but has a consistent theme of hope for the future. 

Dave began classical piano study at the age of five and trombone at age ten, playing in school, college, and community bands. His interest turned towards jazz and blues in college while also studying music theory and playing in a jazz and rock group. His piano playing continued as accompanist for family vocal performances, teacher, and frequent composer.

When MIDI was introduced in 1983, allowing the connection of computers and music equipment, Dave was a partner in a chain of computer stores. At that time, he assembled his first home electronic music studio to support consulting, training, and producing commercials, videos, and developing and teaching a university course. He also led workshops at many public schools and colleges, as well as, teaching electronic music at the PA Governor's School.

  Since 2015, after retiring as Chief Information Officer at Lycoming College for twenty years and as an electronic music consultant, Dave is now focusing on composing and producing music in his Pro Tools studio. His music is available through his website: and through most streaming services. He is an ASCAP member.