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 I have written the music and lyrics, engineered, and produced all of the songs in this album, except where noted below. With the exceptions of performances by guest artists, I play and sing all the remaining parts.
01 New Day (Arianna & Anna Rader - vocals) Style: Pop. Arianna sings about hope for the future. Anna sings backup and creates an amazing bird sound.
02 Be There (Anna Rader - vocals, Chris Kulp - electric guitar) Style: Pop. Love ballad.
03 I Found Love (Arianna Rader - vocals) Style: Pop. Hip Hop rhythm with a Pop style.
04 Birthday Song (Dave Heffner - vocals) Style: Alternative Rock. Had one of those key birthdays that got me looking back to my grade school years.
05 You Can’t Go Back (Anna & Arianna Rader - vocals, Jörg Stohwasser - tenor saxophone) Style: Alternative Rock. Song about looking ahead and not dwelling in the past. Change your ways and ask for forgiveness if necessary.
06 What We Can’t See (Dave Heffner - vocals, Margaret Abbott - violin, Chris Morgan - trumpet) Style: Alternative Rock. Having studied science in college, I have always been fascinated at the consistency of physics laws on the micro and macro levels. Whether observing atoms or galaxies.
07 Are You There (Dave & Janet Heffner - vocals, Alfonso Llorente Sardi - electric guitar) Style: Alternative Rock. Written for a dear friend who had been overwhelmed with mental illness.
08 End of Summer (Magnolia - rap, Rex Weston - cello) Style: Hip-Hop. Some jazz, some hip hop, and lots of improvisation.
09 Looking West  Style: Soundtrack.
I’m beginning to understand how moving from the Eastern U.S. to the West can lead to new beginnings.
10 Back Road (George Clementi - vocals, Rex Weston - cello) Style: Singer-Songwriter. This combination of several styles reflects the fun of taking roads less traveled.
11 Wildfire (Margaret Abbott - viola, Alfonso Llorente Sardi - electric guitar) Style: Soundtrack. In Colorado where I live, in addition to our own wildfires, we are greatly affected by the smoke from surrounding states. This results in constant air alerts and not being able to see the Rocky Mountain range for weeks at a time. I attempted to catch the mood of the energy of a wildfire.
12 The Crow - A Poem (Dave Heffner - vocals) Style: Singer-Songwriter. This is a poem set to music. For relief from the "pandemic," I hiked in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado, hoping to see a Bald Eagle. Instead, perched up on a mountain peak was a crow. See the hiking path: This was played on Colorado Public Radio.
13 Dreaming at Rio Costilla (Jörg Stohwasser - tenor saxophone) Style: Electronic. Thinking of family while camping along the Rio Costilla at Carson National Forest in New Mexico. Production with an iPad Pro: Audioshare (samples of grandchildren), Korg Gadget (music production), iPad Pro (raw photos and video), iMovie (video production draft).
14 Be Cool (Chris Morgan - trumpet) Style: Jazz. This electronic composition blended with trumpet, produces what I like to call Electro Jazz or more traditionally, Jazz Fusion style. Originally created with Korg Gadget on an iPad, the tracks were exported to Pro Tools for adding the trumpet and mixing.

15 Keep Up (Jörg Stohwasser - tenor saxophone) Style: Jazz. YouTube video of a hike in Eldorado Canyon, Colorado: This original fast-paced performance contains elements of modern jazz, big band, indie rock, and electronic pop.