Life’s full of bliss in the summer. 
Swear it can be a full wonder. 
Always want to be when the sun’s up. 
The fall’s coming soon, 
Now it’s about to be a slumber. 

Holding hands on the boardwalk, as we talk. 
As the summer goes breezy, I know you need me, 
More than ever. 
Take my coat, and then we can show, 
We got waves like a boat. 

Just me and you. Ninety degrees. Fantasy. 
And you wonder where we’re gonna be,
When the leaves fall. 
And there’s the reasons for the seasons. 

I believe in so much change, 
From the snow to the rain. 
I love you so much, so I had to go exclaim. 
Got so excited when my telephone rang. 
And I promised I would see you again. 

I want this forever. 
Yeah, you’re the one I endeavor. 
Never say it can’t happen. 
You’re the reason I’m even rappin’ 
Cause I’m feeling like this, 
And I’m feeling like that. 
My heart goes boom, and I just can’t act, 
Unless you come back. 
Unless you come back. 

Imagine summertime, everlasting. 
Me and you asking twenty-one questions. 
This love that I’m catching. 
Gotta thank God for these blessings. 

I told you I’d be around, 
When I’m coming back to this town. 
It’s the end of the summer, 
But I’ll be around. 
Got me in ecstasy. 
Yes, it’s blessed to be next to you. 
Yes, it’s true. 
I claim you as my beau, 
When that summer comes around. 
Yeah, when that summer comes around.