Lyrics - I Found Love

Little things we don’t see. 
Daily acts add up for me. 
I found love in a tear. 
That you care. That you hear. 

I found love in a child’s hand, 
When they try to understand. 
I cry for help. An answered call. 
I found love breaks down walls. 

In a hug when I fail, 
I find love will prevail. 
I found love in the way 
That you listen to what I say. 

I found love in your smile. 
Won’t you stay for a little while? 


I found love in the way you cook; 
Serve the food with a loving look. 
I found love in the way 
My pet greets me every day. 

I found love. A flower blooms. 
In my heart there’s always room. 
I found love in hugs you give. 
They bring me hope; a reason to live. 

I found love. Life goes on. 
The earth still turns, but my blues are gone. 

(4X) I found love. 

I found love, and it grew. 
I found love. It’s with you. 
I found love, and you’ll see, 
I found love. It’s in me. 

(4X) I found love.