Lyrics - Living on the Edge



I hurry to write another rhyme,

Before I can’t and run out of time.

Being able to create is quite sublime.

Stopping me now would be a crime.


Getting sick when I was in my prime.

Worried when I’d earn my last dime.

No more mountains that I can climb.

Asked how I’m doing, I just say “fine.”


Take the time.

Another rhyme.

To create,

Is quite sublime.

Living on the Edge.


I have to act now and not just talk.

My time is limited, so says the “Doc.”

I can write music, but have trouble when I walk.

There is no cure. Between a hard place and a rock.


My style may be unorthodox,

What do you expect when I’m watching the clock?

Doing my best, I know I’m not Bach.

Sometimes my music may give you a shock