Lyrics - Love From the Heart



Love from the heart.  2X



Yes, I’m happy that you are kind.

I really like when you use your mind.

But how much do you love me, from your heart? From your heart.


It’s not what you say, and only you can show.

Not what others think, ‘cause only you can know.

Love from the heart.



I like when you say you’re mine.

I am always looking for a sign,

Of how much you love me, from your heart. From your heart.


There’s no other way, than to love me for today.

We will show each other love, and we will be okay.

Love from the heart.



Love from the heart.  2X



I love you and hope that you can see,

You’ll get undivided love, and much more from me.

My pure devoted love, with no ending and no start.

What more can you ask than love from the heart?

Love from the heart. 2x



Love, love, true love.

Love from the heart.



Love from the heart.  2X