Rain Rain 


You only get one chance. 


I’m not the same. 

I rack my brain, 

To just explain, 

But not complain. 

Not raising Cain, 

No gravy train, 

No cold champagne, 

But peace attained. 

To break my chains, 

I hope to gain 

A brand new plane 

I can sustain. 

It’s my campaign, 

Judgement restrain. 

Be more humane. 

True to self, remain. 4x 


I can say, I’m not the same. 

I left him back in yesterday. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of pain, 

To get awake and see the way. 


Not living for today, 

Much is lost. The future’s gray. 

Not being in the moment, 

Making plans that do get broken. 

Rain, rain, go away. 

Take the pain from yesterday. 

Rain, rain, go away. 

Please let me enjoy today. 


I should not care 

What people say. 

Like birds of prey, 

Feed on hearsay. 

It’s child’s play. 

I can’t delay, 

My right of way. 

For peace I pray. 

Break away, 

A price to pay. 

I’m on display. 

My holiday. 

My DNA. 

All Saturdays. 

Go all the way. 

Go and live the day. 4x