Verse 1

Rules, laws, codes, regulations,

Doctrine, policy, orders, legislation,

Standards, edicts, statutes, decrees,

Commands, directives - bring man to his knees.

Chorus 1

Sacred cows, the rules we make.

Religion, laws, nations and state.

Don’t assume it’s right. That’s what they’re hoping.

Sometimes the rules need to be broken.

Verse 2

Stories are told, then they’re repeated.

Becoming the truth. Others defeated.

It’s all true! It’s not funny.

It’s very real, just follow the money.


Sacred cows, too many suffer.

Bad information, not helping one another.

Control the people. Build more walls.

Those in power just add more laws.

Verse 3

Trash on the ground sets a process in motion,

Washes to the stream, then to the ocean.

Consuming stuff, there is a price.

Do you need it? You gotta think twice.

Chorus 3

Sacred cows, don’t you see?

Priority isn’t the GDP.

Progress isn’t all mortar and brick.

We should care for the poor and sick.  

Verse 4

Masses bowing to the altar of tech,

Even though it could end in a wreck.

Progress isn’t a new iPhone version.

Much of that is a mindless diversion.

Chorus 4

Sacred cows, who is thinking?

Most would rather play /  and be drinking.

What’s important, don’t be a fool,

Know why /  you follow a rule!